5 Best Wines To Pop Open This New Year

2015 is just a day away. With another year on its way and celebrations in full swing, there can be no better way to enter into yet another year by opening up a bottle of wine. The drop in temperature is also reason enough to amplify one’s wine drinking. There are in fact so many new wines to try and regions to discover for wine connoisseurs that I could frankly go on and on talking about them.

In order to zero down on the best of the lot, I will try to pick up five wines for you to pop open and bring in 2015. The thing with any top five lists is that it really limits oneself when wine is simply about discovery. Anyway, to start the year, I would suggest you buy these truly stellar wines that hopefully will set the tone for your wine adventure for the rest of the year.

You only live once so I am going to lay down some pretty serious wines that may do some damage to your wallet but I assure that they will give you just as serious amounts of pure vinous pleasure.



Done only in the best of vintages using Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Cristal is made by the famous champagne producer Louis Roederer. Created almost 125 years ago for the czar of Russia, Alexandra II, who had requested Louis Roederer to keep the best Cuvee for him, it derives its name from the flat-bottomed transparent bottle made from crystal.

Trust Mark Rockford Basket Press Shiraz


Stepping into the Rockford winery is like stepping back in time.  Cobwebs and a charming little tasting room give this winery a feel like no other I visited in Australia. It is a true masterpiece representing a bygone era in wine-making.



Christian Moueix of Petrus fell in love with the Napa Valley while he was a student at the University of California. In 1982, he began development of the estate in the Napa Valley and called it ‘Dominus’. The result has been the birth of a fine wine with the finest pedigree. I’ve had the pleasure of drinking Dominus, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Verdot and Cabernet Franc on a number of occasions this year and all I can say is wow.


Montes has been a game changer in the Chilean wine market scene and I’ve been a fan ever since I had their Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon. The Purple Angel is Carmenerre-based with an addition of Petite Verdot and is one of the true fine wines coming out of Chile.


The Muller family has been producing wine for over two centuries. They are the only German member of the prestigious Primium Familiae Vini which includes members like Mouton Rothschild and Antinori. I had this wine for the very first time at Hedonism in London recently and was unable to put my glass back down on the table. If you are ever looking for one of the most refreshing, balanced, complex white wine on the planet, this is the direction you need to take.

The author is a wine sommelier  

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