Barnes and Noble Announces “World’s Largest eBookstore”, Upcoming eReader

Here’s the press release we just received from Barnes and Noble:
Introduces “Every Device” Strategy
Upgrades eReader Application… [Read More]

iPhone app for buying the latest fashions

Purchasing the latest styles just become easier. The high-end online fashion retailer recently released its free iPhone application, the Net-App [official site]. It allows… [Read More]

Bleached/shaved eyebrows all the rage

The eyebrow is now optional.
When it comes to eyebrows, high fashion has decided there is only one way to go – and go they… [Read More]

The Answer Man Trailer

From first-time director John Hindman, comes The Answer Man, a romantic comedy starring Jeff Daniels (The Squid and the Whale), Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and… [Read More]

The Amelia Earhart look

Gioia Diliberto, journalist and author of The Collection, reports for Huffington Post that the Amelia Earhart look is in. We’ve selected a photo-gallery and have… [Read More]

Bentley Continental GT Speed-based Imperator introduced

The press release from Hamnn is below:
All over the world, the company HAMANN-Motorsport is renowned for refining luxury cars. With the new programme for… [Read More]

Cartier gets lessons from students

The Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods — maybe it’s time to go back to school:
Cartier, the French-founded luxury company, boasts a centurylong history… [Read More]

Ten most extravagant guest requests at luxury hotels

Read more at the Courier Mail, but below are our favorites:
Designing a private golf course, on a glacier: After three holes, the guest got… [Read More]

What’s Your Favorite Hotel?

Have a favorite hotel destination? Please share below.… [Read More]

What’s Your Favorite Wine?

Please share below. We love anything from Joseph Phelps:… [Read More]

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