Veruschka by Avedon

Avedon called her “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Hear what the über-model has to say about her favorite photographer and their unforgettable photographs.… [Read More]

Phiaton PS 300NC Noise-Canceling Headphones

Here’s a great Father’s Day gift.
If dad travels a lot for work, he deserves a nice set of noise canceling headphones. Yes, these headphones… [Read More]

Tea-Drinking Techies

Entrepreneurs shift from soda to antioxidant-rich tea.… [Read More]

Compostable Packaging

Ran Lerner Designs is making takeout containers that decompose in your backyard.… [Read More]

Taking W Hotels Global

Eva Ziegler on transforming the American brand into an international powerhouse.… [Read More]

Eight environmentally friendly wines worth trying

Forbes has a great article on green wines, take a look:
We consulted Matt Skinner, author of a new wine guide for beginners, Heard It… [Read More]

Luxury Industry Poised For 2011 Recovery

We agree, Luxury has just hit the pause button. Here’s the report from Forbes.
Conspicuous consumption isn’t dead, it’s just on hiatus. That’s according to… [Read More]

Teen exchanges sex for Gucci handbag

You could also take on a part-time job.
Hong Kong police are investigating a video on the internet showing a teenage girl performing a sex… [Read More]

Johnny Depp’s Private Island

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a vacation with Johnny Depp on his private Caribbean island? Vanity Fair contributing editor Douglas Brinkley,… [Read More]

A Yacht Club for the Common Man

The College Point Yacht Club, in northern Queens, welcomes blue-collar members, as long as they’re willing to work in the boat yard. “I had no… [Read More]

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