Tables Turn in Porsche’s Pursuit of VW

Porsche is an interesting brand, in need of some repair. Their buzz is a bit soft…
When Wolfgang Porsche learned that his family’s sports car… [Read More]

Yorkshire Tea cottage up for sale

The picturesque cottage that features on the Yorkshire Tea boxes is up for sale. Here’s the Telegraph with more details:
Beckside, in Staithes, near Whitby,… [Read More]

Fortified Foods: How Healthy Are They?

Food companies are getting more creative with the products they’re enhancing — collagen-infused marshmallow, anyone? But can they really deliver on the health benefits they… [Read More]

Bond No.9 to launch Harrods ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ fragrance duo

Something for the whole family.
Bond No 9 have informed Basenotes of their forthcoming launch, and its neighbourhood is a little closer to home for… [Read More]

Jean Bérenger de Nattes Debuts New Designs in New York

Beautiful new works from the French furniture designer.
French furniture designer Jean Bérenger de Nattes, who combines dark woods, metals, and 24-carat gilt bronze in… [Read More]

Steve McQueen’s Rolex Submariner Watch Sells For $234,000

The late actor continues to fascinate today’s audience, as shown by the $5+ million raised during the auction of his memorabilia. Here’s the news we… [Read More]

A Two-Country Freedom Fighter

Alex Storozynski’s biography of Thaddeus Kosciuszko tells the story of a Polish patriot who fought in the American war for independence and campaigned for liberty… [Read More]

Dwell’s Spotlight on Design Leader Michelle Kaufmann

As part of Dwell’s Design Leaders video series, prefab specialist Michelle Kaufmann shares her philosophy on sustainable modular construction. Her company, Michelle Kaufmann Designs, is… [Read More]

Four Seasons chef Christian Albin dies

The wonderful Christian Albin, the anti-Emeril, is no longer with us.
Christian Albin, the executive chef of the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan who succeeded… [Read More]

Women Take On Sexist Image in Italian Media

Don’t just blame Noemi Letizia…
Even before the brouhaha over “Noemigate,” the scandal sparked by the nebulous liaison between Silvio Berlusconi, the septuagenarian Italian prime… [Read More]

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