Volvo Partnering With Google On Connected Cars

The next generation of Volvo’s premium SUVs and sedans are going to come with what is essentially a Google Android operating system taking care of… [Read More]

The New Smart Jacket from Google and Levis

At last year’s Google I/O, the tech giant and Levis announced that they would be teaming up to produce smart clothing together. Codenamed “Project Jacquard”… [Read More]

Google Unveils Plans for ‘Daydream,’ a Virtual Reality System

The Google I/O (short for ‘input/output’) is an annual conference where the company reveals and promotes their latest accomplishments. This year’s I/O is running from… [Read More]

google home

Google Home Speaker Unveiled

At Google’s I/O conference today, the Amazon Echo competitor Google Home was revealed. It is a slick voice-activated speaker for the home that allows you… [Read More]


TAG Heuer And Google Unveil $1,500 Connected Watch

Today, TAG Heuer unveiled the Connected Watch, a $1,500 Android Wear smartwatch made in partnership with Google and Intel. Motivated by the Apple Watch, TAG… [Read More]


Pursuitist Week In Luxury: Bulgari, Google, Lego and China

It is hard to believe that the year is coming to an end, and that many are celebrating Christmas week and pre-New Year’s celebrations. But… [Read More]

LeDomaine Hotel And Winery Offers Google Glass To Guests

The winery and its hotel, a converted 12th-century abbey in Spain, are taking another step forward into the 21st century. Guests can now put on… [Read More]


Diane von Furstenberg Gives A Designer Makeover To Google Glass

Technically, Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. Now this definition may only be able to woo tech enthusiast and geeks.… [Read More]

Most Popular Restaurants Googled in 2013

Sushi master Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s Nobu Restaurant was most-Googled in 2013, followed by NoMad Restaurant and Mas (farmhouse). Google has unveiled their list of the most… [Read More]

Project Ara by Motorola lets consumers customize their smartphone

Motorola has announced Project Ara – a new initiative that allows consumers to customize their smartphone beyond color, ringtones and wallpaper. Project Ara allows a… [Read More]

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